Civil Engineering


As well as successfully completing the design of hundreds of utility systems, WDY has overseen the construction of these facilities. We recognize that utility systems are vial components in the daily operation of any facility, whether public or private.

WDY designs utility systems according to the project need and government regulations. These designs include systems for domestic water, site fire service, sanitary sewer, storm drainage, on-site septic systems, storm water detention, erosion control and the detailed appurtenances of these systems.


Civil Engineering Services

  • Complete On-Site Utilities / Grading
  • Public Street / Utility Design
  • Site Drainage Evaluations
  • Topographic Surveys
  • Storm Water Quality / Detention Facilities
  • Erosion Control Measures

Off-Site Utility Design

WDY has been called upon to provide public infrastructure design and construction drawings for many public street and utility systems in accordance with the requirements of many agencies. These include, Oregon State Department of Transportation, Oregon State Parks, National Forest Service, National Park Service, Washington County, Clackamas County, Multnomah County, the Cities of Portland, Gresham, Oregon City, West Linn, Tigard, Beaverton, Hillsboro, Forest Grove, Salem, Sweet Home, Medford, as well as others. WDY is very familiar with federal, state and local requirements. We have worked closely with these public agencies to achieve the goals of both private property owners and public jurisdictions in the preparation of documents for public improvements.

Site Grading Plans

Since the environment is ever-changing and increasingly vulnerable to the construction process, site grading has become increasingly important because of its potential impact on sensitive surrounding lands, as well as the site itself. Beyond providing site-specific grading designs, WDY incorporates solutions to minimize or eliminate impact to adjacent sensitive lands such as wetlands, environmental zones and flood ways. Grading designs are always developed in keeping with the lands natural topography and cost effectiveness of the project.

Site Drainage Evaluations

WDY can provide real world recommendations and drainage solutions to site challenges. We have completed many drainage studies and evaluations for private property owners a well as public agencies. Armed with current storm drainage computer software and analysis procedures, we can provide analysis of storm runoff in natural and man-made storm water conveyance systems.


Storm Water Quality and Detention
Treatment Facilities

With WDY’s knowledge of the latest federal, state and local storm water quality rules and regulations, we have helped several municipalities in producing practical guidelines and designs for implementing water treatment facilities. As an example, WDY developed a prototype public street design incorporating storm water quality treatment for the City of Gresham. We are determined to discover the appropriate solution whether it is an underground system with filters, natural grassed swales or wetland ponds. WDY prides itself in considering the factors necessary to sustain water quality, wildlife and the environment.

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