Educational projects

Sunset HS

Sunset High School

Evergreen Aviation 2

Evergreen Theater and Space Museum


Oregon State University – Sherman County

childrens course -1

The Children’s Course


St. Agatha School

Three Rivers Charter School

Three Rivers Charter School

Additional Educational Projects

Oregon School Districts (K-12)

Amity School District
Amity Middle School
– Seismic Improvements
Amity High School
- New Classrooms & Auditorium

Albany School District
Tangent Elementary School
- Classroom & Library Addition
West Albany School
- Pool Repairs
North Albany Middle School
- Remodel & Classroom Addition

Beaverton School District
Aloha High School
-Classroom Remodel
Beaverton High School
-Remodel & Science Wing Addition
Cedar Park Junior High School
- Library Addition & Remodel
Five Oaks Junior High School
- New Facility
Meadow Park Junior High School
- Library Addition & Remodel
Sunset High School
- Classroom Wing & Shop Addition
- Administration Area Addition
- Remodel Courtyard & Cafeteria
Whitford Junior High School
- Library Addition & Remodel
William Walker Elementary School
- Library Addition

Bend / LaPine School District
27th Street Middle School
- New Facility
Mt. View High School
- Auditorium, Gymnasium, Classroom Addition
Bend High School
-Grandstand Evaluation and Classroom Addition

Canby School District
Canby High School
- Classroom, Additions and New Auditorium

Clatskanie School District
Clatskanie High School
- New Facility

Corbett School District
Marshfield High School
- Science & Math Classroom Addition

Coos Bay School District
Eugene, Oregon
– curtain walls and suspended ceilings

Dallas School District
Dallas High School
- Remodel

David Douglas School District
David Douglas High School
- On-Site Sanitary Sewer Project
West Powell Hurst Elementary School
- Media Center and Computer Room Addition

Gresham School District
West Gresham Elementary School
- Play Shed
East Gresham Elementary School
- Improvements
Hollydale Elementary School
- Addition

Hillsboro School District
Glenco High School
- New Facility
Evergreen Junior High School
- New Facility
Poynter Junior High School
- Gymnasium Addition
Brown Junior High School
- Library & Gymnasium Additions

Lincoln County School District
Newport High School
- Library, Gymnasium, Locker
- Room and Science Lab Addition
Newport Middle School
- New Facility
Toledo High School Classroom
- Addition & Football Grandstand

North Clackamas School District
Milwaukie High School
- Grandstand Remodel and Gymnasium Addition
Rex Putnam High School
- Gymnasium & Auditorium Addition, Re-Roof
- Concessions Stand
Rowe Middle School
- Classroom Addition and Remodel

Oregon City School District
Oregon City High School
- Shop Upgrade & ASCE31 Investigation
- Grandstand Upgrade
Ogden Jr. High School
- Upgrade & Remodel
Candy Lane Elementary School
- Upgrade & Remodel
Jennings Lodge Elementary School
- Upgrade & Remodel
Beavercreek Elementary School
- Upgrade & Remodel
McLoughlin Jr. High School
- Upgrade & Remodel
Gaffney Lane Jr. High School
- Upgrade & Remodel
Park Place Elementary School
- Upgrade & Remodel
Redland Elementary School
- Upgrade & Remodel

Portland School District
Ainsworth Elementary School
- Restoration for historic entry
Gregory Heights Middle School
- Classroom Addition & Remodel
Portsmouth Elementary School
- Structural Evaluation
John Adams High School
- Covered Walk Repairs & Remodel
Beach Elementary School
- Structural Evaluation
Boise Elementary School
- Structural Upgrade

Reynolds School District
New Learning Academy
Reynolds High School
- New Arts Building

Roseburg School District
Roseburg High School
- Structural Evaluation
Joe Lane Junior High School
- Fire Remodel
Freemont Junior High School
- Gymnasium Addition

Salem / Keizer School District
Sprague High School
- Classroom Addition

Springfield School District
Agnes Street Middle School
- New Facility

St. Helen’s School District
Lewis & Clark Elementary
- New Facility
Columbia City Elementary
- Seismic Upgrade & Addition

Tualatin School District
Tualatin Elementary School
- New Facility
Byrom Elementary School
- Addition
Alberta Rider Elementary School
- New Facility

Umatilla School District
Umatilla Grade School
- New Facility
Umatilla Middle School
- Remodel

West Linn School District
Willamette Middle School
- Gymnasium & Locker Room Addition
- Administration Board Room Addition

Private Schools
Central Catholic High School
- Lecture Hall & Theater Addition
Emmaus Christian School
- Classroom Addition
Jesuit High School
- Athletic Field
St. Mary’s Academy
- Auditorium & Classroom Addition
St Mary's of the Valley High School
- Gymnasium & Locker Room Addition
St. Paul School
- Classroom Addition

Colleges / Universities

Portland State University
Montgomery Court Seismic Improvements
Stott Gymnasium Remodel
Smith Center Slab Improvements
Parking Structure #3

Oregon State University
Plageman Hall / Feasibility Study
Industrial Building / New Facility
Merrifield Hall / Evaluation
Strand Hall / Remodel
Wake Robin Hall / Evaluation

University of Oregon
Bert Hall / Remodel

University of Portland
Baseball Dugouts & Grandstand
Radio Station Remodel

Eastern Oregon State College
Student Union Building
Dorion Hall / Steam Tunnel Feasibility Study
Student Housing Expansion

Lewis & Clark College
Evans Music Hall Repairs
Sacagawea Statue Base

Washington State University
Delta Chi Fraternity

Washington School Districts (K-12)

Castle Rock School District
Castle Rock Elementary School
- Classroom Addition & Remodel

Kalama School District
Kalama Elementary School
- Remodel & Library Addition
- Football Grandstand

Stevenson School District
Stevenson High School
- Classroom Addition
Stevenson Elementary School
- Play Shed

Wahkiukum School District
Wendt Elementary School
- Structural Evaluation & Upgrade

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