Site Development


Harmer Steel

Bethel IMG_7438_Bldg(1)

Korean Bethel Presbyterian Church

WCCCA 911 Center

WCCCA 911 Operations Center


Willow Lane

Columbia Gorge Surgical Center 2

Columbia Gorge Surgery Center

The New York Industrial Building

The New York

Bryn Mawr 250

Bryn Mawr Winery

St. Edward

St. Edward Church

One Community Health

One Community Health

Additional Site Development Projects


City of Portland
Court House Renovation
Memorial Coliseum Assessment
North Precinct Police Station Remodel
Police Evidence Storage Warehouse
Police Horse Barn
Water Bureau Building Ceiling

Oregon Zoo
Birds of Prey Exhibit
Cascade Canyon Exhibit
Condor Facility
Debrazza Monkey Exhibit
Eagle Salmon Exhibit
Elephant Moat Study
Footbridge Consultation
Hospital Audit
Naked Mole Rat Exhibit
Ocelot Exhibit
Train Building

City of The Dalles
City Auditorium Renovation
Police Station
DMV Building

City of Forest Grove
City Council Chambers

City of Gresham
Operations Center

City of Lincoln City
Community Center

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