Structural Engineering

WDY has offered a wide range of structural engineering services for over 35 years. We are happy to work directly with owners, architects, contractors, and fabricators.

New Construction / Remodels / Additions

WDY is a group that thrives on the challenge of new projects. For each new project, we try to capture the client’s vision with innovative design solutions.

From start to finish, we stress clear communication between architect and engineer to achieve success. Our clients have direct contact with a “hands on” principal who can respond to their needs.

From schematic design through construction service, we focus on providing the right solution with respect to budget and schedule.

Seismic Evaluation / Rehabilitation

Onsite investigation is the first step in the seismic evaluation process. Our engineers use the most current methodology to systematically assess building hazards and seismic deficiencies.

We use state-of-the-art computer software and modeling techniques to predict the seismic performance of existing buildings.

Sustainable Building Design

WDY encourages environmentally responsible design and construction of both residential and commercial projects that will result in healthier places to live and work.

We support sustainable design and building practices through the use of localized guidelines based on the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) rating system.

Residential Services

WDY has worked with homeowners on a wide variety of residential projects since our inception in 1985. Whether it's a simple load bearing wall removal or a custom designed home build, our engineers are happy to help.  

Building Remodel / Tenant Improvement

To ensure a successful remodel, we first identify how the structure will interact with the proposed modifications to the building. WDY helps the client to explore options that allow for flexibility in making the desired changes. The end result is a sound building that will perform well for future tenants.

We are experienced in ceiling clouds and grids, mezzanine additions, mechanical unit anchorage, mechanical grid systems, wall openings both interior and exterior, sprinkler system bracing, temporary shoring, window systems, site walls, loading docks, ADA access, decks, balconies, exterior stairs, and more.

Historic Preservation

WDY loves the challenge of designing renovations to historic structures. It is a rewarding accomplishment to maintain the original fabric of a structure while strengthening it to comply with modern building codes.

Our methodology for evaluation and rehabilitation works well with historic structures. We isolate the strength and weakness of the vintage structure. We add strengthening elements to inconspicuous areas and exploit the opportunities provided by ADA improvements and other architectural modifications.

Specialty Engineering

WDY engineers are happy to work directly with owners, contractors, or fabricators to provide specialty engineering services such as: rigging, shoring, foundation systems, scaffolding, fire sprinkler bracing, and fall protection.

We are experienced in evaluations of: building load capacity, construction load, storm damage, and building damage. As well as delegated design of: steel components, storefront systems, cladding, high load racking and display shelving anchorage, architectural systems, mechanical support and anchorage, bridge bearing and joint components, and art installations.

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