Children's Farm Home

Project Description

The Children’s Farm Home site was established in 1922 as a home for orphans and emotionally disturbed children. It has continued in this function on its 297-acre site since its inception. Approximately 30 acres is currently developed for use in residential and outpatient treatment programs and the remainder of the site is tillable land (165 acres) and forest land (104 acres). The 30-acre campus area has approximately two dozen buildings including administrative, educational, housing, counseling treatment, gymnasium, commercial kitchen & cafeteria, and maintenance facilities.

WDY, Inc has provided civil engineering consulting services for the CFH site since 2002. Past WDY projects at the CFH include expansion of housing facilities, clinic and educational facilities, a new commercial kitchen expansion, parking lots, a new site fire service system including pump house drawing from an onsite lake, and a complete site utilities evaluation. Recent site projects include the complete replacement of the site’s sanitary sewer collection and septic treatment system and new parking lots, drives, ADA routes, and utilities for the Historic School Building Remodel.



Location: Corvallis, OR

Size: 30-acre campus


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