The New York

Project Description

A new 6-story industrial use building. Structural system consists of steel frame construction with state of the art buckling-restrained braced frames to resist lateral forces. Civil design features public street improvements along 3 frontages, public and private storm water facilities, and re-route of PGE transmission lines.

Construction Materials

Structural steel was used for columns, lateral systems, floors, roof, and veneer support. Light Gauge steel was used for the curtain walls.

Unique Features

Building entry is a two-story, octagon-shaped rotunda. This Phase One structure is designed to support a future sky bridge to Building Two.

Design Challenges

Open floor plan / flex space required a perimeter lateral system with interior collector elements. Extensive glazing and canopies required secondary structural steel support for veneers, including some overhead horizontal brick at rotunda window heads.



Location: Portland, OR

Size: 113,643 Sq. Ft.


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